We, as Emintaş

  • Create precise, smooth solutions that are suitable for constructional needs of our customers.
  • Believe that if, after 44 years, we’re still able to put a warm smile on our customer’s faces, that is because we pay immense attention to our business and every detail.
  • Provide our customers a product range of almost 5000 products with the help of our key concepts: Trust, Quality, Friendly Service, Knowledge and Experience 
  • Are the essential company for constructional quality where we offer constructional products from the  most trusted, most respected brands, operating from our office located in Perşembe Pazarı, Karaköy.

Emintaş chooses to operate from a single, central office where quality and attentive work are at their highest level for the past 44 years, instead of adopting a branching profile which may cause different levels of service quality. 
While Emintaş is able to provide services all over Turkey, its professional, educated and well informed staff also offers services abroad with same high level of quality and care. 
Quality control of all materials sent abroad are conducted with great care, all products are rigorously tested against possible problems that may arise, carefully prepared and closely monitored after shipping until they reach their destination.
As a result, you, as premium customers of Emintaş, are the ones who experience this quality. So instead of working with large number of customers, Emintaş prefers to work with premium customers who are accustomed to collaborate with professional companies and who are aware of the importance of fine details.

Galata Havuz
GALATA HAVUZ LTD. STI. is an enterprise which was born during Baghdad International Airport Road, Unknown Solider Statue,Green Zone Entry Maintenance and Development Project Execution Works, back in 2011.  Although Galata Havuz is a newly formed company, it offers all key concepts of its parent organization, Emintaş: 44 years of experience, great quality and knowledge. Galata Havuz provides like material acquisition, mechanical applications, and control, provision and maintenance work for finished pools for the Gap İnşaat Baghdad Air decorative pool project. 


Customers of Emintaş get not just products of their needs, but high qality services and aftersale solutons. As in product saleing, Emintaş searches for the smallest detailes of the need the customer has and provides the perfect solution.

The services we are providing our customers are;

  • Carefully packaging
  • Precise tags on products
  • Aftersale services
  • Elegant and plain showroom
  • Special sized water tanks and installing on place.
  • Custom sized and formed PVC pipes and adding parts 
  • Special discount and tracking systems in transportation.
  • Real time customer call services.